Small UPS Systems

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Backup generators are meant for long-term power supply. It normally takes 30 seconds for a generator to come on-line after a power outage, the time it takes for the switch signal to initiate activation and when power is generated.

As good as this type of power system is, there is still a moment where there is no power, and all operations stop for that brief time. Some businesses and workstations can afford that interim shutdown, but others cannot. A new small UPS system from Woodhyrst can ensure that in the moment of a power outage, your operations will continue as normal.

How Does a UPS System Protect my Hardware?

Typical standby uninterruptible power supply systems are composed of AC/DC and DC/AC inverters, a static switch and battery, and a surge protector. The system uses the alternating current as primary power source, relying on the battery and inverters as backup power supply. When the power fails, the switch automatically transfers the electric load to the backup suppliers.

What Equipment Can Small UPS Systems Protect?

Small UPS systems are efficient, effective, and small in size. They are perfect for personal computing on desktop stations, whether for work or leisure. Small businesses can also use these reserve supply systems or single or multiple workstations in the office, registers, or warehouse.

Woodhyrst can provide consultation homeowners and businesses in Pittsburgh, Wexford, and Cranberry Township to help determine what UPS system best fits your needs. We provide the tools to stay grid and protect equipment from power outages in the Pittsburgh region.

Choosing the right small UPS system for your home or business

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