Have Reliable Backup on Standby

Regardless of whether you’re a single location data center, or an industrial manufacturer with multiple locations throughout the United States, Woodhyrst has industrial backup generators to accommodate your unique needs.

We supply, install, and service Generac industrial generators that are scalable enough to suit any distinctive challenges your facility may have. When you work with Woodhyrst Incorporated, you can rest assured that your needs and requirements are covered and protected. We’re committed to ensuring you’re getting the best industrial Generac generator for the job at hand.

From 200 to 1,500 kW of backup power, the industrial backup power generators we supply are cost-effective and pre-configured for your specific business needs.


Whether you’re a large data center managing highly sensitive customer data, the corner gas station, or a heavy-duty manufacturer, you can depend on Generac for reliable standby power. We offer several varied classes of Generac industrial generators, including:

  • Gaseous Generac Generators – The natural gas infrastructure is unaffected by the most common causes of widespread power outages – inclement weather, equipment breakdown/failure, etc. We offer Generac gaseous-fueled standby generators for long run times without the need to refuel. With single generators up to 400kW, the performance and reliability of these Generac gaseous-fueled generators are unmatched.
  • Diesel Generac Generators – Ideal for robust industrial applications, Generac diesel-fueled standby generators go up to 2MW and are an effective choice for high kW applications; especially for facilities like hospitals and 911 call centers where code requirements mandate on-site fuel storage.
  • Bi-Fuel Generac Generators – Perfect for industries that want EPA-compliant clean power without sacrificing reliability. Diesel is used as a pilot fuel to ignite the natural gas; leading to long running times typically generally unattainable with diesel-only generators.
  • Modular Power Systems – Generac’s MPS offers an integrated approach to parallel generators for redundancy, scalability, and flexibility.
  • Gemini Generac Generators – The Generac power system is an option of the MPS featuring two 500 kW generators connected in parallel in a single enclosure. Ideal for when reliability is critical but space is limited.


The team at Woodhyrst Incorporated has the experience and knowhow to match Cranberry Township, Wexford, and Greater Pittsburgh area industrial facilities with industrial-sized backup.

Often times, the only thing keeping you from true business continuity is a single generator to back up your facility. It’s a matter of finding the right Generac standby generator that suits your needs.

We can help. We’re there for you from the initial consultation to purchase, installation, and as needed service maintenance. Contact us today for a consultation to learn more about Generac industrial generators.

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