Rackmount UPS Systems

Small Size, Big Protection

Rackmount UPS systems are popular in network closets (wiring closets) and small data centers where efficient protection can be stored easily. Rackmount UPS systems are designed to be vertically stacked in a standard 19-inch shelving unit, with other rackmount units or with other hardware.

Rackmount UPS systems are designed to provide the same defense as stand-alone UPS systems, but have limited capacity compared to larger units. They are still very effective and efficient in providing backup power support to sensitive equipment holding important data, including nodes, servers, hubs, bridges, and other machines.

In the event of a power outage, or spikes and dips in power supply, a rackmount UPS system kicks in with standby batteries to carry the electrical loads until additional backup power systems kick in. IT facility managers in Pittsburgh, Wexford, and Cranberry should contact Woodhyrst, Inc. for a complete risk consultation. We can help prepare your network for unpredictable power variations.

Efficient UPS Capabilities with Rackmount Systems

Compact Rackmount UPS systems are designed specifically for use in IT environments. Capabilities vary by model, but popular features include:

  • Protection for nodes, network servers, routers and peripherals, hubs, and network bridges
  • Safe-shutdown ability, for extended blackouts, to ensure no data is lost
  • Optional battery accessories to extend battery life in recovery situations
  • Automatic efficiency modes to decrease energy requirements
  • Smart battery management to ensure maximum batter performance
  • LED screen performance indicators

Rackmount systems are made in various sizes with various capacities, typically ranging from 6 volt-ampere to 3,000 volt-ampere. This wide range can support a single computer and small data centers, depending on necessity.

How to Install Your New Rackmount UPS System

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