We provide reliable commercial power backup systems from the industry’s most well known manufacturers.

Woodhyrst Incorporated offers businesses throughout the Cranberry Township, Wexford, and Greater Pittsburgh regions a wide range of commercial backup generators; including single and three phase units utilizing natural gas or liquid propane (LP), liquid-cool and low-speed engines, aluminum enclosures, and whisper quiet units.

From 22 to 200 kW of backup power, the commercial backup power generators we supply are cost-effective and pre-configured for your specific business needs.


Businesses commonly have insurance coverage for property damage tied to weather or other liabilities. Additionally, if this damage forces a business to cease operations for a period of time, “business interruption service” separately covers lost-income-and-expenses.

While some insurers offer optional add-on coverage for power outages, this endorsement isn’t commonly purchased. This means losses tied to failed utility services cannot be recouped. This includes uninsured casualties like the spoiled perishable goods of a restaurant, grocery store, or bakery.

Other businesses especially vulnerable to power failures include:

  • Manufacturing Industry – Production lines come to an abrupt halt when the power goes out. This results in lost productivity and an interrupted supply chain.
  • IT Services – Even the briefest moment of downtime can result in lost billable hours, lost data, and costly recovery operations. It was recently calculated that IT downtime costs businesses across North America and Europe an estimated $26.5 Billion in lost revenue.
  • Data Centers – Data centers are the backbone of today’s increasingly technology-dependent world. Power failures lead to often-irrecoverable loss of critical data, disrupted services and transactions, and the loss of customer goodwill.
  • Medical Facilities – Any discontinuity in patient care, especially those supported by health monitoring systems, can result in unwanted consequences, including loss of life.


Aside from these industries, the financial consequences from a power outage can be particularly crippling to a variety of mom and pop small businesses. This is because small-to-midsize businesses lack the financial footing to easily rebound from significant downtime and loss of business.

This makes uninterrupted service all the more critical to carrying out day-to-day business operations. Within half a minute of power failure, our automatic commercial standby generators supply power to circuits until utility power returns. Ensuring you maintain business as usual no matter what.

The commercial backup power generators sold, installed, and serviced by Woodhyrst Incorporated provide invaluable business continuity to Cranberry Township, Wexford, and Greater Pittsburgh-area businesses big and small. Contact us today for a consultation and our up-front commercial generator pricing.

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