We sell only the finest Home Standby Generators from the industry’s most reputable manufacturers.

We are an authorized Pro Elite dealer of Generac and Briggs & Stratton residential standby generators. Our fully trained staff is available for installation, repair, and maintenance – servicing the Cranberry, Wexford, and Greater Pittsburgh regions.

From 7 to 26 kW of backup power, the residential backup power generators we supply are cost-effective and pre-configured for your specific business needs.


It’s not until the lights go out that we realize how dependent we are on electricity. And with those lights go the refrigerator, television, Internet, air conditioning or furnace, and our ability to cook or charge our mobile devices.

When the power goes out, there’s no telling how long we’ll be in the dark. It can be a few giggly seconds or minutes with candles or flashlights. Or it can be a few absolutely frustrating and disruptive hours, days, or even weeks.

But what if we told you that you never had to go without power again under any circumstance?

Better yet, you didn’t even have to get up, go outside, and rev up a power generator.

You do absolutely nothing when things go dark. Our home standby generator automatically begins feeding power to your home’s vital circuits within half a minute.


  • Your electricity stays on, even when the power grid fails
  • You and your family live comfortably with continuous air conditioning and heating.
  • Household appliances stay running, no matter what – salvaging food and medications that may have otherwise spoiled
  • Home businesses experience no down time
  • No expensive short-or-long-term hotel stays or feeling like a burden staying with family and/or friends.
  • Peace of mind. Standby generators are on the scene 24/7 whether you’re home or away.
  • No basement repair following sump pump failure
  • No costly frozen pipes or repairs from ensuing damage
  • Much quieter and much less of a hassle than portable generators


Woodhyrst has an experienced and trained staff of master electricians and factory authorized workers specializing in residential standby generators. In recent years, we’ve become the leading residential generator and service provider in the Greater Pittsburgh, Cranberry, and Wexford region. Contact us today for a consultation and our up front pricing.

We sell only the finest in Home Standby Generators from well known manufacturers.

For your convenience, we link to some information to help you make a good decision on the purchase of your power back up system.

Which Standby Generator Do I Need?

Generac PowerPro Elite

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