Large UPS Systems

Uninterrupted Power, Ready When You Need It Most

Large UPS systems regulate voltage input and supply consistent output regardless of under-voltage, over-voltage, or power outage. Equipment is becoming increasingly sensitive to electrical inconsistencies, and keeping a steady flow of power to high-performance machines is more important than ever.

What Types of Businesses Need Large UPS Systems?

Especially important in data centers and medical facilities, continuous power is critical to business operations and data storage.

  • Hospitals need to constantly monitor patients. Patient data files and medical equipment are providing life-saving assistance.
  • IT centers are storing huge amounts of information in a server mainframe. Standard power supply is too risky to control a server room; further precautions must be taken to protect data.
  • Banks and financial management firms must track money cash flowing in and out of the branch, as well as transactions across the globe. Money is too important, to both you and your clients, to risk to a power surge or power outage.

If your business experiences frequent power outages or power disturbances, large UPS systems provide reserve circuitry to maintain power. Downtime is very expensive, and the risk of losing data is not an option. Woodhyrst, Inc. can protect vulnerable links in storage and operating capacity.

Large UPS Systems for Pittsburgh Firms Offer Security

From a hospital to a data center, our equipment can stand up to the test of reliable backup power supply. Call Woodhyrst, Inc. today for a consultation to help your business select the right large UPS system for its needs. We serve Pittsburgh and the surrounding region, including Wexford and Cranberry Township.

Woodhyrst’s Large UPS Systems Keep Infrastructure Online

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